I studied a law degree at University of Leicester and graduated in 2012.  I began the Legal Practice Course (LPC) in 2013 on a part-time basis alongside working various jobs.

I came across EmployAbility at BPP last year whilst studying for the LPC.  I chose to use them because they work in partnership with prestigious organisations such as Goldman Sachs, Reed Smith, Morgan Stanley and many others.  Being able to apply through them means I have access to a range of potential employers actively working to become more accessible to students and graduates with disabilities.

Over the year that I have used their services, EmployAbility have also been very supportive; I made an unsuccessful application for an internship programme and whilst it would not normally be possible to get feedback so early on in the recruitment process, the team at EmployAbility managed to gain some constructive criticism that I was able to use in the future.

I attended an ‘EmployAbility in Law’ event at Reed Smith’s offices in April this year.  There, we were given advice on how to disclose your disability on application forms in a way that would objectively state the facts whilst giving an overall positive impression.

It is because of this event that I have had the confidence to disclose my visual impairment when making applications.  I also had the opportunity to learn more about Reed Smith. We were able to speak to partners, associate, trainees and graduate recruitment during the day which helped me to get a better understanding of what the firm look for in prospective candidates, what the people were like and also the various initiatives they have undertaken to make the firm and the Training Contract recruitment process accessible to people with disabilities.

I was impressed with what I had seen and wanted to spend more time with Reed Smith.   I applied for their Insight Week and was successful.  I spent the week sat in their corporate department.  There I was able to participate in a range of work, from conducting research for a large retail client to work for a high net worth individual.  The work I did was varied, challenging and interesting.  I had a very enjoyable time whilst at Reed Smith.

I am currently working as a paralegal for a niche firm in North London. I have only been there for a short time; however, I have gained a lot of experience and transferable skills.  I am hoping to make successful Training Contract applications and work for a firm in the City.

At EmployAbility we work with disabled university students and graduates to ease the transition from education into employment. To take advantage of these opportunities, the first step is to register with us. You can also contact us with any specific queries.