Our CEO, Tab Ahmad, was talking to the BBC about the need for adjustments for people with neurodivergence or disabilities need to be “individualised” after John Lewis and Waitrose decided to allow all applicants to see the interview questions beforehand.

When asked about seeing these questions ahead of time, Tab said:

“So, while it’s potentially a good move, I think John Lewis and other organisations who are thinking of doing something similar still need to think about other adjustments.”

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John Lewis and Waitrose applicants can see questions beforehand – BBC News

Meanwhile on BBC New’s The Context programme (broadcast on 26 April), she further expanded on this story and on adjustments for applicants

Tab was again interviewed on this topic by BBC Radio Essex on the 29 April 2024

If you would like to talk to us about any of the issues raised on this news story or about adjustments in recruitment, please contact us at info@employ-employ-ability.org.uk.